Clash Royale goes like a train and we can not stop playing. That's not surprising, because the game is the example for all smartphone games. 

Clash Royale inspiration

Clash Royale last week received a major update. The game now has a stack of more units to play with, so every game is surprising. However, this is not the reason why the game is played as much, because the base is already enough that we just do not want to stop. Even without the update. Indeed, Clash Royale is the example for all smartphone games.


A large part of the most successful smartphone games have a very clever gameplay mechanics which we keep on playing for a higher final score, whether it be games in which mainly involves making progress. Then the gameplay is less important, but whether you make progress by growing a building or city, or that you unlock things. The games in this second category will soon resemble a sort of occupational therapy.

What Clash Royale hack online doing well is combine those two elements, but the gameplay remains the most important. While you obviously want to progress in your level, the arena in which you play, and the cards you opspaart, the gameplay is fun because the jars are challenging. You can use many different strategies and tactics and should respond to every jar surprising attack of the opponent. If I seduced to do an in-app purchase, it's not because I want to get more gems or gold, but so I can play more pots. Everything is built around the fun gameplay, and there could be many game makers learn from.


Clash Royale also shines in terms of finishing. That makes sense, because the creators of Clash of Clans is behind and swimming in money. However this could also be used for other game makers as inspiration. everything is right. The game is stable and looks beautiful. The interface does not raise any questions and in-app purchases are not disturbing. The ability to look back interesting matches and share your performances with your clan is something that other games would offer only at a later stage, but here directly exactly right.